Bridal hair accessories – handmade and modern

Plaukų priežiūraSpring, summer and autumn – it is the most popular time for couples to get married. Brides are looking for wedding dresses, nice jewelry, shoes and hair accessories. One of the most stylish and modern looks for brides – handmade jewelry. It can be various types: rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories or jewelry sets. Bridal hair accessories are usually filled with rhinestones, shiny Swarovski pearls, usual pearls or other glamorous stones. All of the girls like to add some sparkling shine in their look on a special day. Bridal hair accessories can be made from wire, leathers, various rhinestones and other things. Almost all accessories are white, silver and gold colours. They are perfectly fitting to different styles of dresses or skirts. Vintage, retro, modern and other styles of accessories will add special attention to a bride and make you look beautiful in pictures and videos. Be a queen of the night with bridal hair accessories! Also there are accessories for grooms. Less or more shiny groom lapel pin and groom pearls boutonniere. Bride and a groom can wear similar types of accessories, it will make your both look even more beautiful and delicate. Exclusive design accessories are unique, made by everyone’s taste and can be amazing choice on a wedding day. Handcrafted accessories reflect light, so a girl will look the most precious on the dance floor and during the wedding ceremony. Some of the accessories are versatile enough for being wear in other formal events. The prices are various, accessories can be made from little to huge crystals. Royal, elegant and stylish bridal accessories are made by designer Maria Lior. So if you are planning your special day, don’t forget to buy some accessories to you and your groom!

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